Saturday, 17 April 2010

Coming Soon: The New Generation

A multi-media freelance production company born through film, practiced with an academic, professional, DIY mentality branching from the local to global communities.

Mix Up Productions
is a new independent documentary production company comprising of a collective of final year Film Production undergraduates situated in the USA and UK. The company is based on the collaboration between artists and young entrepreneurs through independent film productions.
Mix Up Productions functions primarily as a film production company while incorporating a plethora of independent media artists to participate with films through their specific creative talents. (eg. writers, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, fine artists, fashion designers, extreme sports, events etc.)
Mix Up Productions is a cross national art community that allows each individual involved to work within their field of expertise while maintaining their creative integrity and allows them to build up professional experiences.

Current Projects

(aSKATEfilm) featuring Etnies War of the Roses (blackpool, uk) from Jessica Correia on Vimeo.

Into The Pit Full Trailer from INTOTHEPIT on Vimeo.

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